Learning to live…
in an integrated way
engaged in all of life

With a clear and resilient mind
anchored from within
Guided by awareness
of ourselves
and care for another…

Learning through action
accessing one’s entire capacity
organically resilient

A robust physical health
fully able to perceive and respond
in the environment we all share

With internal harmony
passion for living
a creative life
arises naturally

While living our everyday lives


This is


zero-G Tools


Integrated Living

developed for the ZeroGravity.life project

zero-G Tools: Coaching, programs and personal performance “tools” for building an integrated life, one step at a time.

A balanced life…?” Getting great sleep, achieving real personal performance breakthroughs, having functional confidence – when it matters, personal resilience to life’s chaosreal-life benefits available to those taking advantage of “zero-G Tools”

New for 2020 zero-G Living Octave Programs

Integrated Life Performance – Program Series  

New for 2020

zero-G Living Octave

Integrated Life Performance – Program Series  

zero-G SleepFitDevelop confidence and mastery – to get all the sleep you need
zero-G LivingExperience the difference – live with internal harmony
zero-G PerformanceAccess your quantum self!


Comprehensive Sleep Solutions

Experience the bliss and benefit of zero-G sleep

Realize the benefits of integrated sleep with SleepFit™ programs and tools .
Boost your brain and body. Maximize health and performance.

Recover chronic sleep debt, reset broken sleep patterns, optimize sleep efficiency.

Sleep Giant™ is our “sleep performance” system built with zero-G bio Acoustics.
Tested and used by elite performers and regular sleepers the world over.

Revolutionize your sleep – get the benefits of being SleepFit today

SleepFit™ is available for personal and family coaching, group seminars & residential programs.

zero-G Living

Life performance coaching

Discover your natural resilience

Feeling… fragmented, anxious, overwhelmed

 Running on an endless treadmill        going where…?

Perhaps “success” in life isn’t all you’d expected – something is missing!

Your health and vitality are suffering!

Wondering how to put it all together?

Imagine, there is a way-to-live, where each aspect of life – family, work, exercise, sleep etc all work together benefiting all the others – integrated.

This is the zero-G Living experience.

Available for individuals, groups and families.

zero-G Performance

Performance integration coaching

Experience quantum performance

zero-G Performance trains you to realize your ultimate performance while gaining insight and developing mastery of your chosen discipline.

Whether you’re aged 17 or 70, a professional or avid amateur: golfer, rock climber, actor or an adventurous road cycling grandma, your zero-G Performance program is uniquely designed for you.

zero-G Performance is for people with a comprehensive commitment to exploring how their unique performance formula is best applied. 

Develop your personal access to the “zero-G performance zone” and discover a new level – beyond your known limits.

Available for individuals, teams and groups.

Public Release

Launching Fall 2020

zero-G bio-Acoustics – Immersive Audio Atmospheres

Experience the benefits – create a bio-harmonizing audio atmosphere – anytime, anywhere.
Tune your mind and body as one

Experience the bliss of “zero-G Sleep” with Sleep Giant – Sleep Performance System

See Below


Sleep like a Giant

Experience the bliss – of “zero-G Sleep” and start getting the kind of sleep you’ve only dreamed of with zero-G’s SLEEP GIANT Sleep Performance System

Sleep Giant™ – the core of the Living Octave integrated living toolkit built with zero-G bio Acoustics immersive audio Atmospheres.

Given sleep’s vital importance to every aspect of our life experience – from our immunity to disease, to how we feel about ourselves and our world – to our ability to adapt, perform and create in every aspect of our lives.

We built Sleep Giant™ to address every aspect of the sleep experience in a progressive organic way – resulting in new confidence in your SleepFit-ness.

Sleep Giant™ has been successfully used by the the widest range of  demanding users, from regular moms & dads and their kids to world traveling Olympic athletes, CEOs and others with demanding lifestyles, to fundamentally improve their confidence and ability.  Now you can get the sleep you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

Sleep Smart - Sleep Giant

Available for purchase: Fall 2020

SleepFirst Initiative

Waking up to sleep today!

+Sleep First is a ZeroGravity.Life community action initiative.

The first step to experiencing zero-G Living and becoming SleepFit!

Take back you life energy – recover sleep debt, boost immunity wake-up, feel better about your day.

+Sleep First is our community action initiative promoting being “awake” to the essential benefits of living life “sleep fit” – resilient and fully alive.

Find out how you can participate in +Sleep First and experience the benefit in your life tomorrow.

Feel the Difference

zero-G Acoustics are bio-acoustic audio atmospheres programs designed to help you tune and optimize your mind-body connection – essential to achieving an integrated experience and quality of life.

Whether you’re interested in physical performance & recovery, improved learning and creativity, sleep, immunity and health or an overall sense of well-being, zero-G Acoustics programs assist you finding your sweet spot.

The result of more than 25 years of ongoing research and development into a new generation of high performance modalities – working with creatives, elite athletes and regular people – to find  organic solutions that resolve real issues and integrate into life.

Tuning and strengthening your mind/body connection provides unique, quality of life and performance benefits not offered by other methods.

Typical zero-G Acoustics user types:  parents/families, students, business travelers, shift-workers, Olympic athletes and free solo rock climbers!

Interested in living with a little less gravity in your life?