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May 22, 2024


Observe a (non-pet) creature for a few minutes


Sleep First Initiative

Helps you see your sleep with fresh eyes with our free self-actuated +Sleep First course the entry path to becoming a resilient sleeper and SleepFit.

Whether you’re a new parent, business owner, or world class athlete, making quality sleep your first priority is essential to maintaining your full capability, robust health and well-being.

Find out how you can improve your SleepFit-ness starting today.

Be a Sleep Giant
Live Wide Awake


ZeroGravity Challenge

Discover your adaptive brain and experience neuro-plasticity in real-time.

In just a few minutes while living your everyday life.

Each day we will post a new ZeroGravity challenge to take on in your life. 

Appropriate for all ages


zero-G First Ascent Programs

A unique experiential learning opportunity

Discover your integrated capability
through the lens of rock climbing

Exploring personal resilience
and how we respond to challenge
in a pressure free environment
applicable in any area of life.

Available Programs: Kids, Youth, Adults, Seminars

The zero-G Living Octave

Curriculum for Integrated Living

A reliable path to robust health, new performance levels.

Develop personal resilience in every aspect of life – based in a new context for understanding oneself

coming soon


zero-G Tools


Integrated Living

developed for the project

zero-G Tools: personal coaching, experiential learning programs and life performance “tools” designed to assist in living a more an integrated life, one step at a time.

A balanced life…?” Getting great sleep, achieving real personal performance breakthroughs, having functional confidence – when it matters, personal resilience in life’s chaosreal-life benefits available to those engaging with “zero-G Tools and programs”!

Sleep Primer

things to keep in mind about sleep

from the “SleepFit Cookbook”

Your sleep pattern is singular, unique to you

Your sleep pattern sets the rhythm of your life

Sleep patterns are dynamic, ever changing

Immunity, memory and coordination are all affected on the same day we’re short on sleep

Negative effects continue to accumulate over time

Napping, the original & best energy booster, is available to you 24 hours/day

You can be SleepFIT just as you can be fit for anything else

Sleep quality affects life quality 

sllep giant app - multiple pages

Sleep Giant – the only SleepFit system

Now available at your favorite app store!

Experience the bliss of zero-G Sleep with SLEEP GIANT

Being SleepFit means you have both the confidence and ability, to get all the sleep you need, when you need it, wherever you are!

Sleep Giant offers you a reliable path to becoming a truly resilient sleeper – its suite of zero-G acoustic “Sleep Atmospheres” – improves the mind/body integration essential for achieving quality deep sleep.

Sleep Giant programs address all aspects of sleep – getting in the Wind Down zone before bed, improving the Sleep Deep quality throughout the night, Waking Up naturally and easily in the morning – as well as full-cycle zero-G PowerNaps, help you recharge and wake up ready for the rest of your day

There’s no need to prolong the suffering of poor sleep any longer.

Rest Deeply and Live Wide Awake
Become a Sleep Giant today

Personal Coaching Series

Integrated Life Performance

The core exploratory program that provides the foundation for the integrated life performance series. 

zero-G SleepFitDevelop confidence and mastery – to get all the sleep you need
zero-G LivingExperience the difference – live with internal harmony
zero-G PerformanceAccess your quantum performance!


Comprehensive Sleep Solutions

Experience the bliss and benefit of zero-G sleep

Realize the benefits of integrated sleep with SleepFit™ programs and tools .
Boost your brain and body. Maximize health and performance.

Recover chronic sleep debt, reset broken sleep patterns, optimize sleep efficiency.

Sleep Giant™ is our “sleep performance” system built with zero-G bio Acoustics.
Tested and used by elite performers and regular sleepers the world over.

Revolutionize your sleep – get the benefits of being SleepFit today

SleepFit™ is available for personal and family coaching, group seminars & residential programs.


zero-G Living

Life performance coaching

Discover your natural resilience

Feeling… fragmented, anxious, overwhelmed

Running on an endless treadmill        going where…?

Perhaps “success” in life isn’t all you’d expected – something is missing!

Your health and vitality are suffering!

Wondering how to put it all together?

Imagine, there is a way-to-live, where each aspect of life – family, work, exercise, sleep etc all work together benefiting all the others – integrated.

This is the zero-G Living experience.

Available for individuals, groups and families.

zero-G Performance

Performance integration coaching

Experience quantum performance

zero-G Performance trains you to realize your ultimate performance while gaining insight and developing mastery of your chosen discipline.

Whether you’re aged 17 or 70, a professional or avid amateur: golfer, rock climber, actor or an adventurous road cycling grandma, your zero-G Performance program is uniquely designed for you.

zero-G Performance is for people with a comprehensive commitment to exploring how their unique performance formula is best applied.

Develop your personal access to the “zero-G performance zone” and discover a new level – beyond your known limits.

Available for individuals, teams and groups.

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ZeroGravity.Life’s Living Octave and SleepFIT Programs are designed to provide a context for a self reflective “personal inquiry” in the subject areas – sleep, health, life performance and well being – integrated living.

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