Being “Sleep Fit” – a foundation for health

Apr 14, 2020Sleep

What is “SleepFIT-ness”?

SleepFIT is a new, revolutionary, practical context and approach – for all types of sleepers to discover your unique sleep rhythm and performance.

Being SleepFIT sets a foundation for health and a resilient life…

In becoming SleepFIT you develop mastery of your sleep process, so you “get the sleep you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are”!

In other words, you have developed “sleep confidence” and “sleep resilience”.

You already have the tools…

Just as in improving any other capability – for example in running – by paying specific attention to the various components/skills needed to get fit for running; physical capabilities such a muscular strength and endurance, aerobic capacity as well as mental capabilities, being able to remain calm and lucid while running close to your maximum, exhaustion or under pressure to perform.   

No matter our natural predispositions and limitations, everyone posses the ability to improve their health and life performance by paying close attention (“listening”) to the feedback their body provides in response to their life activities – sleep included.

Although it might seem that when it comes to sleep, it “should” be as easy as “falling into bed”, but as we all know, it’s not always that simple in reality!

As you develop SleepFIT-ness you are able to reliably get the sleep you need, giving you new confidence and peace of mind to plan your life and operate effectively throughout your day.

No magic needed

For some, having the ability to get the sleep you need, when you need it, no matter the situation, might seem a mythical ability, but just as in training to “run your first marathon” or beginning yoga, gaining facility with sleep is also “a capability” that you can improve until it is an fully integrated part of your day.  

Being SleepFIT – having a robust relationship with sleep – is the foundation of all zero-G Living Octave programs. Without having your sleep “sorted”, it is impossible to live life anywhere near your best, in performance or quality of experience.

Sleep makes the difference

During a time of global infectious pandemic – where one’s overall baseline health factors into our experience and ability to resolve health issues – now, more than ever, is the time to take the actions that give your body every chance to respond effectively to the challenges presented. 

The simplest, most effective way to improve overall mental and physical health, resilience, is to be SleepFIT – such that you are able to get the sleep that you need, when you need it, wherever you are, each and every day.

Coming soon…

Stay tuned – in this interactive series we will explore how you can develop your SleepFIT-ness and consequently your health, immunity and vitality for life.

Now is the time to take the actions to !

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