Being “Sleep Fit” the foundation of life

Apr 14, 2020Sleep

What is “SleepFit”?

Being SleepFit the foundation of health and life

A new, revolutionary and practical approach to sleep performance for all types of sleepers.

Where you develop the personal sleep mastery to “get the sleep you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are”.

In other words you have developed new confidence and “sleep resilience”.

You already have the tools…

Just as in improving any other ability – like running, swimming etc. – it is by paying specific attention/training, that we can improve our capacity to run faster/longer or even, the ability to remain in a relaxed state no matter the situation i.e. while free solo rock climbing – there is our natural predisposition plus our ability to learn to optimize our inherent capabilities.

Although it would seem that when it comes to sleep it should be as easy as “falling into bed” but as we all know it’s not always so simple…

No magic needed…

Having the ability to get the sleep we need, when we need it no matter the situation, for some might seem a mythical ability, but just as in training for your first marathon or beginning yoga, gaining facility with sleep is also an ability that can be improved upon until it is an fully integrated aspect of your day.  

Being SleepFit, having a robust relationship with sleep is the foundation of all zero-G programs whether the attention is on integrated Living or Performance. Without having your sleep “sorted”, it is impossible to live your life anywhere near you best, in performance or experience.

Sleep makes the difference

During a time of global infectious pandemic, where one’s overall health baseline is factoring into our experience and ability to resolve infection, now more than ever is the time to do what you can to give your body every chance of responding effectively.  

The simplest and most globally effective way to improve your overall health and resilience is to get the sleep that you need, when you need, it wherever you are.

Coming soon…

Over the coming period we will be releasing a series of posts offering simple practical options for improving your sleep experience, health, immunity and well-being.

Now is the time!

Prioritize #SleepFirst and get #SleepFit experience living in zero-G