Getting started with Sleep Giant

For Pre-Release Beta Users

Basics for first time Sleep Giant’s

Sleep Giant’s powerful zero-G Acoustics programs help improve every aspect of your sleep experience – from winding down to fall asleep easily, to waking up smoothly and naturally to power napping on-demand – all while improving your sleep quality throughout the night.

– If you share your sleeping space with another person, introduce them to Sleep Giant beforehand – so they are aware of what you are adding to your shared space.

– Sleep Giant requires a stereo sound output to work i.e. headphones, earbuds, airpods or stereo speakers. If using stereo speakers, see the diagram below.

– Sleep Giant creates an “audio atmosphere” that promotes your optimal sleep experience.

– Volume is not a requirement. You only need to set the volume to an audible level.

– If you are sleeping in a noisy place, you can increase the volume to help absorb the disturbances.

– With Sleep Giant you can “assemble” you sleep sequence in the Sleep Deck Console to match your sleep schedule with programs to help Wind Down, Sleep Deep albums for all night sleep support and Wake Up tracks to help you wake up naturally and smoothly.

– Lastly, for your first time using Sleep Giant – allow a few extra minutes for your selection to download/sync from the server – before going to bed.