zero-G Living Octave Programs  

Experience Integrated Sleep, Health and Performance

Integrate – VERB
Integrated – NOUN
Integrated – ADJECTIVE

the act of bringing inter-operative, harmonious, functionality, to every aspect of a system – such that: complete functionality, overall efficiency and ultimate capacity are attained


We each have areas of life that that we know (wish) could work better, be different, less stressful, where we would like to have more facility… in a way that promotes quality-of-life and “performance” with our health, work, our vocation and in our personal relationships.

(What)  The essence of zero-G Programs         

Have you ever considered, what it would be, to have all of your capabilities accessible, functioning and working together in-real-time… such that you have your full capacity to deal with the (personal, professional and other) challenges of life wholly and completely as they happen…? 

zero-G Programs are a practical exploration, a “living inquiry”, designed to address life wholly, completely, giving you access and the capability to gain facility with your entire self – integrated living.

With your “full integrated energy” available to you (without the friction of stress, anxiety and inner turmoil and their negative effects on every aspect of life), health, vitality, clarity of mind and creativity are organically returned and available, such that you are fully able to engage the essential areas of life.

Whether you’re interested in resolving sleep problems once and for all (essential for robust health), restoring health/life balance, building your “life project” or training for the Olympics, engaging life in an integrated way puts you “at the helm” in every aspect, regardless of circumstance – the experience of “living resilience” in action.   

(Who)  zero-G Programs – for those that want to explore a more complete life  

We are each our own “unique assembly” of universal human physiological and psychological characteristics. The capacity to make full use of all of our characteristics is a function of self-awareness, and so if a complete experience of yourself important, it is essential to become an “expert” in understanding yourself, which gives you the capability to create the condition of an integrated of mind and body as you go through daily life.  

(Why) Integration…? 

Why is a process of “personal integrationat the heart of all zero-G Programs…? 

Integrated Living is not an intellectual exercise, theory, technique, or process of “self-improvement”, done in hope of a positive outcome or personal achievement. Rather, it is a living, direct, real-time inquiry into the essence (essential, responses and actions) in our daily lives. The act of looking at ourselves and our lives – simply, as we are – organically brings a clearer mind, settled disposition, harmony within, organic resilience, an overall more functional life experience.

If you want to make a real difference in the function of daily life: whether you want to address your sleep fitness, overall health, vitality, life performance – it is by addressing “our relationship” to them in this way, that allows you to take the (integrated) actions, resolving them “as problems” wholly and completely in-real-time.

(When / Where) 

Optimal health, function and performance happen in-real-time, requiring an action-based mindset on our part (rather than an intellectual or technical approach), which creates the condition for living in an integrated way. 

(How) In each zero-G Program, we explore in practice, what it is to live in an integrated way.  

Fundamentally, we ask: “How do I create the (internal) conditions in my life – through thought and action – where our sleep, physical health, mental function and life performance operate with resilient harmony each day, regardless of circumstance?”

It is through understanding ourselves (our decisions, behaviors, habits) in the doing, or not doing, of things that either promote integration or cause disintegration (fragmentation) of our energy, mental acuity, health and overall function.

By being fully aware of the effect of our thoughts and actions, we are able to respond to life’s challenges in an integrated way.

Individual Program Notes: 

zero-G SleepFIT: becoming a conscious sleeper – we address your entire sleep process and how well it is integrated (or not) into your entire day – how effective your day to day restoration is, sleep debt, what effect your daytime activity has on your ability to sleep – living SleepFIT. 

zero-G LIVING: addresses life through a wider integrated perspective – including health, work, career and personal aspects – with these fundamental aspects of life functioning in an integrated way it revolutionizes quality of life.   

zero-G PERFORMANCE: for performance minded individuals

The pursuit of maximizing one’s capability/performance IS a process of integration (though rarely recognized in this context). 

Regardless of your specific discipline or area of interest, the more integrated the entire process of training, recovery, performance and learning is, the closer you are able to come to your true personal maximum through a healthy sustainable process. 

The highest operating state is the result of preparation that includes all aspects of your discipline, such that you have ALL your RESOURCES fully available to be applied, on demand in-real-time. 


zero-G Living Octave – visual reference guides

Use these visual guides to help refine your awareness of the day’s universal rhythms and your energy states.

“The zero-G Octave” visual reference template – helping to see/feel the bigger picture of your daily rhythm, as you engage the activities of life, in the full range of intensities.

Typical daily energy flow diagram – click to enlarge

zero-G Living Octave - Typical Energy flow of our day

Refining awareness of your state (mental and physical), at any point during the day, enables you to take the actions that promote synchrony (harmony) of mind and body as it’s happening.

Remember… your life rhythm is uniquely your own.


The zero-G Living Octave daily cycle – Fundamental Elements

Early Morning & Waking up

  • Early morning sleep: dreams and related experiences
  • Waking Up: gathering energy for the day

Daytime Action Cycle(s) – (may be repeated more than once during a 24 hour time period )

  • Preparation: “Warmup” – Planning / activating mind and body
  • Action: Work/Performance Learning Creativity
  • Break: Feed/Reset (Lunch)

Post Work/Performance

  • Recover: Reflect/Reset (Sleep Giant – zero-G PowerNap)

Evening – Personal Activity / Winding Down

  • Recharge: Main Meal
  • Leisure: Relaxation/ Contemplation (Sleep Giant – Wind down)

Night time – Sleep

  • Deep Restoration: Sleep/Neuro-Physical regeneration (Sleep Giant – Sleep Deep Albums)

This graphic is a reference to the fundamental elements of our day

Review this chart to see which of the these fundamental elements you are aware of in your day.

zero-G living octave diagram-2021

This interactive zero-G Living Octave model shows the flow of a “typical day” with multiple work/performance activity periods!


zero-G Living Octave –
See how Sleep Giant’s benefit works throughout your day by moving your cursor around the diagram.

CodePen - Radial / Circular Menu Concept
Your day starts here
  • Wake up

    Your day starts here.

  • Prep

    Getting your mind and body into action

  • Performance

    AM work | performance period

  • Performance

    AM work | performance period

  • Lunch

    Midday reset

  • Work

    Afternoon work | performance period

  • Energy Dip

    Mid-afternoon dip (Siesta)

  • PM work

    Late afternoon/evening activities

  • Reset & Evening Meal

    Allow yourself to relax while preparing your evening meal

  • Exercise | Socialize

    Evening activities

  • Relax

    Moving towards more relaxing activities

  • Wind Down

    Winding down for sleep

  • First Sleep

    Deep recovery sleep

  • Sleep siesta

    Period of light sleep or wakefulness

  • Second sleep

    Remember your dreams


The zero-G Living Octave is the result of more than 30 years of applied research, with people of all levels and disciplines, as to what it is – to live in one’s optimal life performance rhythm.

The ZeroGravity.Life project provides tools, community and experiences that promote and the real time experience of an integrated – ZeroGravity.Life!