zero-G Living Octave Programs  

Experience Integrated Sleep, Health and Performance
one-on-one, team or family coaching 


Integrate – VERB
Integrated – NOUN
Integrated – ADJECTIVE

the act of bringing inter-operative, harmonious, functionality, to every aspect of a (human) system – such that: complete functionality, overall efficiency and ultimate performance are attained


We each have areas of life that that we know (or wish) could work better, be different or cause us less stress, where we have fundamental confidence in our ability to meet the challenges of life, in such a way that it promotes a quality-of-life and “performance” with our health, work, vocation and personal relationships.

(What) The essence of zero-G Programs         

Have you ever considered, what it would be to have all of your capabilities accessible, functioning and working together in-real-time… such that you have your full capacity to deal with the personal, professional and other challenges of life wholly and completely, as they happen…? 

zero-G Programs are a practical exploration, a “living inquiry”, designed to address life wholly, completely, giving you both access and the capability to gain facility of your entire self – integrated living.

With your “fully integrated” energy available to you – without the internal friction of stress, anxiety and inner turmoil and their negative effects on every aspect of life – health, vitality, clarity of mind and creativity are organically returned and available, such that you are fully able to fully engage all the essential aspects of life.

Whether you are interested in resolving sleep problems once and for all (essential for robust health), finding actual health>work>life “balance”, building your “life project” or training for the Olympics, engaging life in an integrated way puts you “at the helm” of every aspect, regardless of circumstance – the experience of “living resilience” in action.   

(Who) zero-G Programs – for those that want to explore a more complete life  

We are each our own “unique assembly” of universal human physiological and psychological characteristics. The capacity to make full use of all of our characteristics is a function of self-awareness, and so if a complete life experience is important to you, it is essential to become the “expert” in understanding yourself, giving you the ability to create the conditions of an integrated of mind with body.  

(Why) Integration…? 

Why is the process of “personal integrationat the heart of all zero-G Programs…? 

Integrated Living is not an intellectual exercise, theory, technique, or process of “self-improvement” done in hope of a positive outcome or personal achievement. Rather, it is a direct, living, real-time inquiry into the essence of our responses and actions to life. The act of simply looking at ourselves  “as we are”, organically brings a clearer mind, a more settled disposition, harmony within and the real experience of our organic resilience. 

If you are interested in making a real difference in the quality of your daily life: whether it’s with your sleep fitness, overall health, life performance… It is by exploring “your relationship” to these fundamental aspects with an eye to seeing how the operate and affect your entire day, allowing you to then take the actions which organically bring full function without effort, resolving them as “problems” wholly and completely in-real-time.  

(When / Where) Does this apply to me? 

Are you “putting off” for some future date, addressing those areas of life that cause you any level of internal stress, because they are not working as you know they could?

Optimal health, function and performance all happen in-real-time, requiring an action-based mindset on our part (rather than an intellectual or technical approach), which creates the conditions for integrated function.

 (How) In each zero-G Program we explore, in practice, what it is to live in an integrated way.  

Fundamentally, we ask: “How do I create the (internal) conditions within – through thought and action – where our sleep, physical health, mental function and life performance operate with resilient harmony each day, regardless of the circumstances?”

It is through understanding ourselves (our decisions, behaviors, habits) that either promote integration or cause disintegration (fragmentation) of our energy, mental acuity, health and overall function.

By being fully aware of the effect our thoughts and actions have on our overall life experience, we are able to respond to life’s challenges in an integrated, more effective way.

Individual Program Notes: 

The ability to maximize one’s capabilities and performance to any aspect of life IS a process of integration

zero-G SleepFIT: become a conscious sleeper

A comprehensive assessment of your sleep process including how well sleep is integrated (or not) into your entire day – how effective your day-to-day sleep is, recovering from sleep debt, the effect daytime activities have on your sleep ability – what is it to live with mastery of your sleep process – living SleepFIT. 

zero-G LIVING: addresses life through a wider, integrated, perspective

We explore how all aspects of your life work and how well health, (sleep, exercise, nutrition) work, family, vocation and personal resilience support each others function. With these fundamental aspects of life operating in an integrated way, it revolutionizes your perspective of yourself and quality-of-life.   

zero-G PERFORMANCE: for committed athletes and other performance minded individuals 

Regardless of your specific athletic discipline or area of interest, the more integrated the entire process of training, recovery, performance and learning is, the closer you are able to come to your true personal maximum through a healthy sustainable process.

The highest operating state is the result of preparation that includes all aspects of your discipline, such that you have ALL your RESOURCES fully available to be applied, on demand in-real-time.