Getting started with Sleep Giant

For first-time Sleep Giants

Sleep Giant’s powerful zero-G Acoustics sleep programs help to improve every aspect of your sleep experience – from winding down to falling asleep easily, to waking up smoothly and naturally to power napping on-demand, all while improving your sleep quality throughout the night.

Key points to know when starting with Sleep Giant

– If you share your sleeping space with another person, introduce them to Sleep Giant beforehand – so they are aware of what you are adding to your shared space.

– Sleep Giant requires a stereo sound output to work i.e. headphones, earbuds, airpods or stereo speakers. When using stereo speakers, see the diagram below for configuration options.

– Sleep Giant programs create an “audio atmosphere” that promotes your optimal sleep experience.

– Volume is not a requirement. You only need to set the volume to an (low) but audible level.

– If you are sleeping in a noisy place, you can increase the volume to help “wash out” the noisy disturbances.

First time Sleep Giant users – allow a few extra minutes for your selections to download/sync from the server – before going to bed.

Using Sleep Giant – Programming Sleep Support

Program Libraries

Sleep Giant offers 4 (Icon Images) libraries of Sleep Programs. Program tracks can be played individually or added to the Sleep Deck to be played in the sequence of your choosing.

Wind Down

Helps get your mind and body ready bed to fall asleep easily. Play as you are getting ready for bed/when you first get into bed.

Sleep Deep

Sleep Albums – Progressive sleep (cycle) tracks supporting optimal sleep throughout the night.

Wake Up

Programs that help you, and your brain wake up smoothly and easily. End the need and the jarring experience of using an alarm clock

zero-G Power Naps

Full cycle nap programs of various lengths to support full-cycle (awake-asleep-awake) Naps.

Configuring Sleep Deck for the best night’s sleep.

On the home screen you will see “Program your Sleep” near the bottom.

There are two option buttons:

  • “Sleep Decks” – Sleep Deck sequences you have already saved
  • “New” – To create a new a sleep sequence

Select NEW – you are taken to the Sleep Mode Selector Page.

Sleep Deck operates in 2 modes:

  • Sleep Time Mode: Allows you to assemble a sleep sequence from all categories in the order you define, with full sleep cycles.
  • Wake Up Target Mode: A custom mode allowing you to schedule a target Wake Up time where Sleep Giant’s help you to wake up easily and naturally by the time you specify.

 Select the mode you want to use based on whether you want Sleep Giant to “wake you up” at a specific time or whether you have the freedom to sleep as long as you need.

SleepFit Pro Tip

Be in the same space (able to listen to) as Wind Down is playing, as you are getting ready for bed  – it helps make the transition to sleep seamless.

Sleep Time Mode:
Use Sleep Time mode when you have time to get the sleep you need (wake up naturally) or you want to configure Sleep Deck for added support when napping.

Sleep Giant shows you the calculated time for your sleep support as you configure it.

At the Sleep Deck mode selector page choose “Sleep Time” mode

On the home screen you will see “Program your Sleep” near the bottom

There are two option buttons:

  • “Sleep Decks” – Sleep Deck sequences you have already saved
  • “New” – To create a new a sleep sequence

Select New > You will come to the Sleep Deck “mode selector” page where you have two options “Sleep Time Mode” and “Wake Up Time mode”

Select Sleep Time Mode > This will bring to the Wind Down program selector
Choose your Wind Down program or check the radio button “ no Wind Down”

NEXTSleep Deep Album Selector
Select which Album you want to listen to and the number of Sleep Cycle (image) – (you will see the amount of sleep time change in the indicator above)

NEXT > This brings up the Power Nap selector. (For advanced users) Allows you to insert a PowerNap at the end of the Sleep Deep Albums and before the Wake Up track.

NEXT > Wake Up Selector
Choose which Wake Up program (if any) you would like to add.
Note your total sleep support time.

>NEXT > Save/Play your Sleep Deck configuration
You can now choose how you want to save/play your Sleep Deck.

  • Launch without saving – takes you straight to the player page.
  • Save – create a name to remember this configuration
  • Save and Launch – Save the name of the Sleep Deck before taking you to the player page.

Note: If you have selected any program for the first time – Sleep Giant will first sync with the server to install your selected programs.

On the play page select the play button to begin your zero-G sleep experience