Getting SleepFit with Sleep Giant

Improving the quality of your sleep and your life with Sleep Giant sleep performance system built with zero-G Bio Acoustics.

Sleep Giant is designed with powerful programs to help you improve each aspect of your sleep experience from winding down so you can fall asleep to waking up smoothly and naturally, all while improving the quality of your sleep the whole way through the night.

Sleep Giant Program Categories

Wind Down

Getting your mind and body into the “fall asleep zone” as you’re getting ready for bed.

Sleep Deep

The main energy store for our day’s activities comes from the quality of each sleep cycle and how seamlessly they link together. Sleep Giant’s “Sleep Deep Albums” help improve your overall sleep experience each night.

Wake Up

For many of us waking up is a difficult process that we start each day with – it does not need to be. Sleep Giant offers two ways to improve or eliminate this painful aspect of your day – you can select a smooth wake up program to play at the end of your sleep time or you can use our target time wake up mode where Sleep Giant will bring you up slowly to wakefulness at your prescribed time!!

zero-G Power Naps

Taking a nap effectively is the most powerful way to boost your brain power and physical energy during the day. zero-G Power Naps help you learn the art of napping in the most reliable way. Each zero-G Power Nap is full cycle, meaning it helps you to get to sleep easily and wakes you up on the prescribed time.

You can create a zero-G “sleep atmosphere” with Sleep Giant in 3 different modes

Single Track Direct Play: (Image) If you want to play any single program i.e. Take a Nap you can play any zero-G Sleep Atmosphere directly from each program description page accessed either from the home page or within the Program your Sleep Deck page. Image

The other 2 modes are found only with the Program your Sleep Deck page. 

What is the “Sleep Deck” (Image)

The Sleep Deck is the place to assemble zero-G sleep tracks for your customized sleep and/or nap experience. Because sleep is a linear/cyclical process the Sleep Deck helps you assemble your sleep support in a way that matches your normal sleep rhythms. See the different ways you can use the Sleep Deck to help you get the best sleep experience possible in the time you have available. in addition to Single Track Direct Play, you have these options:

Sleep Time Mode: (Image) Use this mode when you have the freedom to wake up naturally or when you know you have enough time to get the sleep you need. You can add programs from all categories in this mode. Image here.

Wake Up Target Mode: (Image) One of the most difficult things to do is to be able to wake up fresh and ready to go at a specific time. In “Wake Up Target” mode Sleep Giant takes care of the “heavy lifting” of your eyelid. All you need to do is set the time you want to Wake Up at, (and the time you want to begin your sleep process) and Sleep Giant will take care of the rest. Image


For first time Sleep Giant users:

Getting started with Sleep Giant is easy and will provide a lifetime of benefit whenever you desire.

With Sleep Giant, there are two ways to support your sleep each night depending on your available time and wake up schedule.

Select Sleep Time Mode – If you have no specific time you must be awake for and you want to fill your sleep tank as much as possible

  1. Select either Wind down or Deep Sleep Categories (Image)
  2. Select Wind Down (Starter Album)
  3. Deep Sleep (Starter Album)
  4. Add the number of sleep cycles that will cover the time you have for sleep. (Time counter image)

SleepFit Pro Tip

Be in the same space (able to listen to) as Wind Down is playing, as you are getting ready for bed  – it helps make the transition to sleep seamless.

Select Wake Up Target mode – If you DO have a specific time you must wake up

  1. Select either Wind down or Deep Sleep Categories (Image)
  2. Select Wake Up Target mode. (Image)
  3. Select your Sleep Deep Album (Starter),
  4. go to Sleep Deck and toggle Wake UP mode.
    This opens up the zero-G sleep Scheduler
  5. Here you can simply select your desired “Bedtime” and “Wake up” times on the zero-G sleep selector “24 hour day clock”.
  6. You can also program Sleep Deck to send you a notification when your scheduled sleep sequence deck is set to begin.

 Play Direct Mode:

  1. Select the category of zero-G Sleep support you desire
  2. Select your program
  3. Select – Play (note you have the choice to add to the Sleep Deck from here as well)
  4. Select orange play button to begin your program

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