Integrated Life Performance Series

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Experience the benefit of integrated living every day

  • Tune your mind and body to work as one
  • Recover your sleep cycle
  • Learn your unique performance formula 
  • Realize your ultimate capabilities

zero-G Living Octave: individual coaching programs, seminars, and residential programs, address life from the perspective that you are the conductor of the symphony that is your life …   

Each program, is designed exclusively for you –  Whether you are running your own business, raising a family or training for the next Olympics… developing robust health and well-being is essential for success and can only reliably be achieved by knowing yourself in the most complete way possible. 

Benefits for life – applying Living Octave – together we explore how it is that you gain mastery of your unique “performance process”, starting from where you are today – understanding “how to I perform best”, can then be applied across any discipline, over the course of your entire lifetime!

The foundation of Living Octave lies in gaining a new understanding of your unique abilities, our body’s organic rhythms, and “how we use our mind” to amplify our capabilities, and complete our goals while seamlessly adapting to life’s ever-changing complexities  – the Integrated you.

The goal of our programs is help you create and experience the kind of life that is possible with the “integrated you in action” – energy, creativity, and clarity of mind available throughout each day, no matter whether they go smoothly or total chaos – you are… resilience-in-action.

zero-G Living Octave Programs

Each zero-G Living Octave program is developed uniquely only for you – through the activities of your daily life or your chosen performance discipline, we explore how your personal characteristics are best optimized, while also training you in developing a way of life and environment that, supports and integrates all of your capabilities to produce a new experience of yourself and level of performance.

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zero-G SleepFit | zero-G Living | zero-G Performance

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Experience the recovery power of zero-G SLEEP

Experience the bliss and recovery power of zero-G Sleep

Boost immunity and resilience….

Sleep is the real antidote to anxiety and stress

Sleep is singular in its global function in maintaining and boosting our bodies core systems – immunity, physical energy, brain power and a resilient sense of well-being – essential elements in living a full and vibrant life.

SleepFit tools and programs address sleep in a new way – as an action, integrated into the total activity of your day.

zero-G SleepFit solutions help you to resolve the most commonly experienced sleep issues:

  • Recovering from sleep debt 
  • Make falling asleep easy
  • Improving sleep quality and efficiency
  • Find your unique sleep pattern
  • Strategic sleeping for shift work & travelers 
  • Learn the art of Napping – become an expert napper
  • Develop performance sleep practices
  • *Managing sleep for couples and families

zero-G SleepFit – supports you in discovering an entirely new relationship, capacity and confidence to – get all the sleep you need, wherever you are, whenever you need it! 

Sleep Giant|SleepFit System features:

Built with zero-G bio Acoustics immersive Audio Atmospheres – that promote improved sleep rhythm (sleep cycles), falling asleep and waking up effortlessly – along with full-cycle nap programs you can use anytime to boost your immunity, energy and cognitive power – all of which revolutionizes your sleep and life experienceClick here to learn more! 

Building a Resilient, Healthy and Integrated Life

Has life got you…

Feeling, fragmented…  exhausted….. anxious…. like you’re running on the endless treadmill going, where?

Perhaps the success you’ve been pursuing (and achieved), isn’t the fulfilling experience you’d expected?

Imagine, there is a way to live, where each aspect of your life works such that it connects and benefits all of the others –  integrated.

zero-G Living is about bringing your whole life into one flow where, regardless of task or situation, activity or level of intensity, you’re able to remain anchored “within yourself”allowing you to effectively address and adapt to the complexity and chaos of life!

The capacity to effectively address and adapt to the complexity and chaos of life, without being overtaken by it, naturally allows you to maintain access to ALL of your capacities (both inherent and learned) in-real-time – personal resilience in action.

This is the zero-G living experience.



Your zero-G Living Program is a living inquiry, an active exploration into how you operate best in life.

Typical zero-G Living trainees:

  • Business Owners
  • Educators
  • Global Travelers 
  • Information Technologists
  • Career Professionals
  • Health Recovery
  • Moms & Dads (new and experienced!)
  • Athletes – all levels

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for athletes and other performance minded individuals looking for their ultimate...

Experience the quantum performance gains – exclusively available through zero-G performance coaching.

zero-G Performance trains you to realize your ultimate capabilities by gaining insight into your unique “performance formula” setting you on a path to developing a mastery of your natural attributes expressed through your chosen discipline.

Reliable performance gains occur through progressive integration of your current and newly acquired capabilities – ultimately leading to performance levels beyond previous expectations.

While all zero-G programs are designed to put you in the driver’s seat, in living a more integrated life – healthy, productive and fulfilled – in zero-G Performance, we adjust the context to “finding your ultimate performance” we explore together how it is that, you perform your best.

zero-G Performance addresses a wide range of personal attributes, each essential to accessing previously unseen or unattainable levels of performance.

  • whole-brain approach
  • kinesthetic mapping
  • neuro-training
  • bio feedback
  • performance characteristics
  • cognitive precision
  • sleep fitness
  • performance cycles

Is zero-G Performance for me…?

If you are wondering “can I benefit from zero-G Performance?”

All zero-G programs from SleepFit, zero-G Living to zero-G Performance and beyond are based on our fundamental capacities, and so, are applicable across disciplines and starting level.

Whether you are 17 or 70, a professional or committed amateur: ballet dancer, golfer, rock climber, actor or an adventurous “road cycling grandma”, your zero-G Performance program is built to work for you in the life you are already living, with the goals you have today.

Your program is completely unique to you, designed to engage your process in such a way that you gain insight into the ways your most effective learning, along with the  state-of-being that allows you to experience real performance gains.

We have found that people with the following attributes are the most likely to fully engage and get the most benefit in their zero-G program.

  • Passion for your chosen discipline
  • Capacity to do the all the work required – in spite of any difficulty
  • A willingness to explore, to look beyond your already known way
  • Trust in an entire process

These same principles of action apply whether you’re a recreational, competitive or Olympic level performer.

As long as you remain committed to what you’re doing, all things are possible in zero-G.

Do you want to access your zero-G Performance zone, apply today!

Now accepting applications for 2021  Apply Now!

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