Coaching for Integrated Living

Personal Resilience in Action

Has life got you…

Feeling fragmentedanxious…. exhausted….. running on an endless treadmill going… Where?

Perhaps the success you’ve been pursuing or achieved, isn’t the fulfilling experience you’d hoped, or expected?

Imagine, there is a way to live, where each aspect of your life works such that it connects and benefits all of the others – integrated.

If you’re finding the life you’ve made no longer works, or makes sense…

In the areas of:

Health – is your health not where you know it could be

Family & Relationships –are your relationships a source of stress

Work & Career – is your work life stagnant, going in the wrong direction

Sense of well-being – are you at ease with the way your life is assembled


Life purpose – does your life purpose get you up in the morning

In your zero-G Living program, we look at bringing your whole life together into one flow – where, regardless of the situation or task you’re able to remain anchored “within yourself”.

The capacity to effectively adapt to the complexity and challenges of life, without being overtaken by it in-real-time, naturally allowing you to maintain ALL of your capacities is personal resilience in action!

In every zero-G Living Program is a living inquiry – we explore:

Life in a new context
Seeing yourself with fresh eyes
Making sense of the life you’ve built
Putting life in a larger context

Finding Solid Ground
Finding your ground within
Standing on your own two feet
Bringing life into clear focus

Integrated Living
(re)assembling your life in a way that works – in the present
Bringing every aspect of yourself to work together
Thinking and acting with clarity
Living a creative life each day
Finding and living a purpose bigger than just you

Who engages the zero-G Living Program experience:

  • Parents (new and experienced!)
  • Business Owners
  • Career Professionals
  • Educators  
  • Global Travelers
  • Creatives
  • Athletes

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