zero-G Performance

for athletes and other performance minded individuals looking for their ultimate…

Experience the quantum performance gains – exclusively available through zero-G performance coaching.

zero-G Performance trains you to realize your ultimate capabilities by gaining insight into your unique “performance formula” setting you on a path to developing a mastery of your natural attributes expressed through your chosen discipline.

Reliable performance gains occur through progressive integration of your current and newly acquired capabilities – ultimately leading to previously unattainable levels of performance.


While all zero-G programs are designed to put you in the driver’s seat, in living a more integrated life – healthy, productive and fulfilled – in your zero-G Performance program, we adjust the context to “finding your ultimate performance” by exploring together how it is that you perform your best.

zero-G Performance addresses a wide range of personal attributes, each essential for integrated performance.

  • whole-brain approach
  • kinesthetic mapping
  • neuro-training
  • bio feedback
  • performance characteristics
  • cognitive precision
  • sleep fitness
  • performance cycles

Is zero-G Performance for me…?

If you are wondering “can I benefit from zero-G Performance?”

All zero-G programs from SleepFit, zero-G Living to zero-G Performance and beyond are based on your fundamental capacities, and so are applicable across disciplines and starting level.

Whether you are 17 or 70, a professional or committed amateur: ballet dancer, golfer, rock climber, actor or an adventurous “road cycling grandma”, your zero-G Performance program is built to work for you in the life you are already living, with the goals you have today.

Your program is completely unique to you, designed to engage your process in such a way that you gain insight into your most effective learning process, along with a “state-of-being” that allows for real performance gains.

We have found that people with the following attributes are the most likely to fully engage and get the most benefit in their zero-G program.

  • Passion for your chosen discipline
  • Capacity to do the all the work required – in spite of any difficulty
  • A willingness to explore, to look beyond your already known way
  • Trust in an entire process

These same principles of action apply whether you’re a recreational, competitive or Olympic level performer.

As long as you remain committed to what you’re doing, all things are possible in zero-G.

zero-G Performance Programs for Individuals

All zero-G Performance Programs address “how we use our mind” or the glue, in the performance process:

  • How you learn about improving technique
  • The interaction of the mind and the body in performance
  • Amplifying performance with your mind
  • The non-linear performance capacity we all possess
  • Applying intuition in the performance process
  • The organic leap in performance that occurs when the mind and body are fully integrated
  • The experience of “zero-G” in-real-time, where it all comes together without any “effort”!

zero-G programs follow an organic sequence of development – beginning with the most “mechanical” technical elements progressing through to complete mind-body integration.

I. Performance Dynamix

Applying zero-G performance principles to the mechanics of your discipline
Establish the foundation that enables you to reach your ultimate capability
Develop reliable capacity for lifelong performance
The entryway in working with Mind and Body Integration

Who: (All ages)
Athletes of all levels
Performers of all types
Anyone building mastery in their chosen discipline

II. Performance Mind

Developing your performance mind
Specific Application of the Performance Mind in your activity

Who: (All Ages)
Committed Performers and Athletes that already possess a high level of technical capability in their discipline

III. Quantum Performance

Refine your abilities to experience your organic quantum performance leap
Breakthrough “Personal Record” performance plateaus
Reach the level beyond your expected limits

Who: (18 years +)
For experienced performers with a large experiential baseline in their discipline and an already highly functional mental context for performance

IV. Performance Integration

Where all aspects capabilities are in full functional action
Intuition – the final element in the performance formula
Applying your unique intelligence in performance
Accessing The “zone” experience reliably in performance

Who: (18 years +)
For high level and elite performers for whom the application of the mind in their performance is the remaining element in the mastery of their discipline

Do you want to access your zero-G Performance zone, apply today!

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