Integrated Living – A Practical Introduction

Feb 1, 2021Living

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We humans are the most complex “things” in the known universe…

Much of how we are capable of doing what we do on a daily basis – remains beyond our capacity as a species to understand…!

We generally take our biological “machinery” and the capabilities of our brain for granted, unless they are taken away from us through illness or injury. But, what happens if we don’t take them for granted and we give our (miraculous) capabilities a new level of attention each and every day, to not only recover lost function, but to bring about optimal function/integration to every aspect of ourselves.

Take our physiology – our body is built out of around thirty seven trillion plus cells (1,2),               (this many 37,000,000,000,000+) all of which must operate in “relative harmony” through the 11 bodily system (we call this health), to provide the experience we know as living.  

The baseline harmony (homeostasis) of this incredible “system” is biologically established (over billions of years), however over the course of a lifetime, our activities, diet and psychological condition can and do, create dissonant (non-sustainable) operating states within – the effect of which degrades our energy, mental clarity, performance and health, leading to an overall lower quality of life and eventual dis-ease or even death!

With these types of consequences, it may be worth giving some attention to the ways we typically live our lives that may, in fact, be unsustainable…(?)

However, there is much that we can learn about ourselves with regard to maintaining this “inner harmony” (both physically and psychologically), creating the conditions for robust well-being, optimal learning capacity and life performance.

By simply paying close attention to the bio-information we do have access to – the feedback our body constantly provides us, whether it be from our (physical) actions or how we are thinking about them – we give ourselves the capacity to maintain our health and life performance function in an optimal state!

By listening to the feedback our brain and body provides us directly, it eliminates the need to speculate about what to do… but rather, by paying attention to the feedback: “what is my body telling me”, “what effect are my actions, diet, my thoughts…, have on my overall state” – you are able to give your body what it needs to create the best most harmonious integrative response.

The key is to observe oneself – without coming to any conclusions about what you observe. By being in “observation mode”, rather than in, finding “THE answer” mode, you remain in a real-time “active exploration”, which allows you to continue to learn about what works best for you in maintaining an optimal living state, each and every day.

In this blog series, we will explore concepts related to this living exploration from a self-referencing interactive state: resilience, integration, biofeedback/rhythm, inquiry, “life performance” and “internal gravity”- which may seem abstract relative to the (doing) activities of daily life, but have very real practical application for living the kind of – intrinsically healthy, robust, and resilient daily life we all would love to have!

Interactive Reflection:
Can you think of any ways you are living that may not really be sustainable over the longer course of your life?