Integrated Living – A Practical Introduction

Feb 1, 2021Living

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We humans, and specifically our brains, are the most complex “things” in the known universe…!

Much of “how we are capable of doing what we do” on a daily basis (mostly without a second thought), remains beyond our capacity as a species to grasp…

We generally take our biological “machinery” and the truly amazing capabilities of our brain (when we engage it fully) for granted, unless, or until, they are taken away or degraded through illness, injury, neglect or catastrophe. This is the story for so many of us.

Taking our personal health, life and environment for granted comes with profound impact on individuals, families, society in general and the planet at large.

But, what happens if we don’t take our organic functions/abilities for granted and we give these (miraculous) capabilities a new kind of fuller attention, each and every day, not only when we want to recover lost function, but with an eye on exploring “what would my optimal living function/life state be like?”.

Take our physiology – our body is built out of around thirty seven trillion plus cells (1,2), (this many 37,000,000,000,000+ !!) all of which must operate in harmony through (11 bodily systems) which we call health, to provide the physical experience we know as living.

The baseline harmony (homeostasis) of this incredible biological system, established over billions of years, lives in the rhythm of our sun/planet/moon gravitational interaction.

However over the course of a (increasingly longer) lifetime, our activities, diet and psychological condition, can and do, create a “dis-eased”, or unsustainable, operating state within – the effect of which, degrades our physical energy, neurological function and mental acuity, (including how reliably our DNA is expressed through our genes), leading to overall lower quality of life, eventual disease, and early death!

With these types of consequences, it may be worth giving some attention to the ways we typically live our lives that may, in fact, be unsustainable…(?)

Interactive Reflection:
Is this me?

Am I currently living in a way that is unsustainable when seen in the context of my whole life?

However, there is much that we can learn and do about how we live, what attention we pay to maintaining ourselves and that “inner harmony” (both physically and psychologically) that create the conditions for robust well-being in all aspects – integrated living.

Living integration starts with the most basic aspects of life, sleeping, eating and physical action. If these fundamental aspects of living are sub-optimal, long-term health is impossible.

By simply paying close attention to the bio-information/feedback our body constantly provides us – whether it be from our (physical) actions, nutritional input or our state of mind – we give ourselves the capacity to take the actions that will maintain our health and life performance over the entire course of our life!

It is by listening to the feedback our brain and body provides us directly, thereby eliminating the need to speculate about (what to do with ourselves), that we gain insight into what we need to do to maintain optimal health and function.

Through the simple inquiry: “what is my body telling me at the moment”, “what effect are my actions, diet, psychological state, having on my overall well-being?” (because they are), you are able to learn to respond to your body’s actual feedback in a way that creates an harmonious, resilient, integrated state.

The key in this is: to observe oneself “in action” throughout the day – BUT – without coming to any conclusions about what you observe.

By being in “observation mode”, rather than in finding “THE ANSWER” or “I KNOW” mode, you remain in a real-time live interaction, active exploration, which enables you to learn and adjust continuously to what works best for you to maintain your optimal living state each and every day.

In this blog series we will explore the actions related to this exploration that integrated living is – an intrinsically healthy, robust, and resilient daily life…