ZeroGravity.Life Project – Interactive Learning Elements

Oct 5, 2021Living

Personal Inquiry Element

ZeroGravity.Life’s Living Octave and SleepFIT Programs are designed to provide a context for a self reflective “personal inquiry” in their respective subject areas – as applied to your health, life performance and overall well being.

In the related articles, blog posts and white papers, you will occasionally see the above block with this icon indicating an opportunity to personalize the subject addressed, specifically in your life with a question that is a personal inquiry.

It is Important to note the context of personal inquiry – to look only at yourself and your own experience and to forgo comparing yourself to another or (what you think) their experience is, or, an ideal of what you think you “should be”!

The most value you can get out of this series or any of our programs is to ask yourself:

  • “How does this aspect of my life (i.e. sleep) really go in my life”?
  • “What is the effect of living) this way on my overall health and vitality”?
  • “Is this a direction I can sustain – if so for how long”?
  • “How does this affect the people that I share my life with”?
  • “Am I being “straight” with myself about this?

Bonus value – is to listen to your own answers..!

In being willing to look at any or all of these questions (in spite of whether you like what you see or not!), you are putting the power to effectively manage your health, performance and wellbeing directly in your own hands – this is the foundation for good health and developing true personal resilience – integrated living.