What is the ZeroGravity Challenge?

Discover your adaptive brain and experience neuroplasticity – while living your everyday life

A daily opportunity to activate your brain with fresh input – new energy

Is an easy way to engage in the unique experience of a little “ZeroGravity” in your life – with just a few minutes during your day doing what you normally might do anyway.

By taking the challenge daily

  • doing something you don’t normally, taking new action and/or
  • by giving fresh attention to the mundane activities of daily life

Learn to listen to yourself in a whole new way

Gives your brain fresh input activating it’s neuroplastic nature

To expand your senses and power of attention beyond how you normally use them

Improves personal resilience and aliveness

Appropriate for all ages

How much time do I need?
Challenges can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes

When do I do it?
Any time of the day that suits your life

Where can I do it?
In the normal course of your day at home, work, school, in your neighborhood, outside in nature, literally anywhere that’s appropriate…

Notes: There is no “right way” to respond to the challenge – only the appropriate way for you at that moment.

It is important to only do any challenge at a level that is within you – so as to give your body the ability to respond and adapt, rather than injure or break it down.

The challenge is not a test of physical capability or a way to force yourself to do something