What is the ZeroGravity Challenge?

Discover your adaptive brain and experience neuroplasticity – while living your everyday life

A daily opportunity to activate your brain with fresh input – new energy

It is an easy way to engage in the “normal” things of daily life in a unique way creating a little less “gravity” in your life – with just a few minutes of your day.

By taking the challenge, daily

  • doing something you don’t normally, taking new action and/or
  • by giving fresh attention to the mundane activities of daily life

Learning to listen to yourself (and act) in a whole new way

  • Gives your brain fresh input activating it’s inherent neuro-plastic nature
  • To expand your senses and power of attention beyond how you normally use them
  • Improves personal resilience and aliveness


  • Appropriate for all ages

How long will I need?

  • Challenges can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes


  • Any time of the day that suits your life


  • In the normal course of your day at home, work, school, in your neighborhood, outside in nature, literally anywhere that’s appropriate…

Notes: There is no “right way” to respond to the challenge – only the appropriate way for you at that moment.

It is important to only do any challenge at a level that is within you – so as to give your mind and body the ability to respond and adapt together

The challenge is not a test of physical capability or a way to force yourself to do something but of bringing mind and body into (coherent) action